WhatsApp Launches Security Center to Protect Users from Fraud


The world's most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, has launched a new Security Center, which is a specialized page on the app's official website. 

The new security center, launched by the app owned by Meta, aims to raise awareness of the app's security features to protect users from scams and phishing.

This step comes after reports of an increase in annoying calls received by users from unknown international numbers.

 According to CNBC, Meta has created a new online resource to increase awareness and provide information about the technology it uses to ensure user safety.

The Security Center page emphasizes WhatsApp's security features, including default privacy, which prevents anyone from accessing messages, referring to the app's end-to-end encryption, as well as the automatic detection system of fake accounts that send annoying messages.

The page provides explanations of features that add additional layers of protection, such as two-step verification, reporting suspicious messages, and blocking unwanted contacts.

The new Security Center page also warns against using unofficial WhatsApp apps, which are widely used among Android users and described by the company as fake WhatsApp apps developed by external parties, as the company does not support these apps due to the lack of security measures.

Additionally, the Security Center page on WhatsApp's official website provides other information such as frequently asked questions with links to their answers within the Help Center section, security and privacy updates, and more.

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