Elliot Page Reveals Secret Relationships with Kate Mara in New Memoir


#ElliotPage's upcoming memoir, "Pageboy," reveals two secret relationships with actresses. 

Page details his romance with #KateMara, whom he dated during the filming of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in 2014, shortly after coming out as gay. 

The book also mentions Max Minghella's alleged support of Mara and Page's exploration of their feelings. 

In 2020, Page came out as trans, marking another significant moment in his personal journey.

Elliot Page Shares Details of Relationship with Kate Mara

Elliot Page shares details of his relationship with Kate Mara in his his new memoir, "Pageboy." The actor recounts falling for Mara after his heartbreak and coming out as gay, despite Mara having a boyfriend at the time, Max Minghella. According to PEOPLE reports

Max Minghella allegedly supportive of Mara and Page's relationship

According to Page, Minghella was supportive of Mara and Page exploring their feelings, and Mara reportedly read the book and will support Page at a book release event. 

The memoir also delves into the relationship dynamic of falling for unavailable people. Despite the complexities of their relationship, Page and Mara continue to have a close bond that he describes as a special kind of love and care.

Page kept relationship hidden for two years

"Elliot Page's new memoir, "Pageboy," reveals a past relationship with a closeted female co-star whose identity he kept hidden for two years. 

Pair pretended to be friends in public

Page shares that they had to pretend to be friends in public, and that the experience of feeling hidden was too painful and unsustainable.

Despite the challenges, Page also reflects on the beauty and inspiration he found in the relationship. Ultimately, it taught him the importance of being open and honest in love."

Elliot Page announced his marriage to Emma Portner in 2018, but the couple divorced in 2021 following his transition.

Despite their separation, Portner remained a strong supporter of Page when he came out as transgender. She called for privacy and support for trans life, expressing her love for Page and celebrating his existence as a gift.

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