The Missing Submarine 'Titan': US Coast Guard Discovers Wreckage Near Titanic Site

US Coast Guard press conference

The missing submarine 'Titan' wreckage was discovered by the US Coast Guard near the site of the Titanic shipwreck, which sank almost a century ago.

Catastrophic Implosion

Admiral John Moger of the US Coast Guard stated that the disaster was likely caused by an "internal explosion" and that the crew of the missing submarine "Titan" perished.

Recovering the bodies of the trapped submarine crew is difficult, but we will continue to work on it, he added.

"We faced complex conditions during the search for the missing submarine, and we express our condolences to the families of the victims," he continued.

The Missing Submarine Story

On board the missing submarine were five individuals; an American, a Frenchman, a Briton, and two Pakistanis.

The submarine, which is 6.5 meters long and can accommodate five people, began its journey to the depths on Sunday. It was scheduled to return to the surface after 7 hours, but contact was lost with it less than two hours after the start of its journey.

Allegations of Misuse and Neglect Surface in Investigation of the missing submarine'Titan' 

The available details so far suggest neglect on the part of the company "OceanGate," which was responsible for the tourist submarine, and there are allegations of misuse regarding the safety of the submarine.

On board the submarine was a wealthy British businessman named Hamish Harding, who announced his participation in the trip on "Instagram."

There was also French diver and former French Navy officer Paul-Henry Nargeolet, who specializes in shipwreck search operations, and whose family reported that he was on board the missing submarine.

In addition, there was a wealthy Pakistani businessman named Shahzad Dawood, 48, and his son Suleiman, 19, according to their wealthy family. 

The Wreckage Of The Titanic

Each of them paid $250,000 to see the wreckage of the Titanic, which sank in one of the biggest maritime disasters of the twentieth century, with 1,500 of its passengers and crew perishing.

Its wreckage was found in 1985, 73 years after it sank. It is located 650 kilometers from the Canadian coast in the international waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Since then, the wreckage has attracted treasure hunters and tourists.

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