Aircraft Violate Washington DC Airspace and crash in virginia After Pursuit by US Air Force fighters

the aircraft violated the airspace of Washington DC and was pursued by US Air Force fighters until it crashed in southwestern Virginia.


US officials have reported that a light aircraft violated Washington DC's airspace, and as a result, was pursued by US Air Force fighters until it crashed in southwestern Virginia.

According to "Reuters", the aircraft that crashed after violating Washington DC's airspace and being pursued by US fighters was carrying four individuals.

The Capitol complex was briefly placed on high alert until the aircraft left the area.

US military fighter jets caused sonic booms over the American capital of Washington DC.

the FAA stated  in twitter that : "A Cessna Citation crashed into mountainous terrain near Montebello, VA around 3:30 PM ET on June 4. The aircraft took off from Elizabethton Municipal Airport in Elizabethton, TN and was bound for LIMac Arthur in New York. The FAA and NTSB will investigate".

According to a US official, the fighter jets did not cause an attack that resulted in the aircraft crash.

In a tweet, the Capitol Police stated that officials were closely working with federal partners to monitor an unresponsive pilot flying an aircraft near the Washington DC area.

NORAD Responds to an Unresponsive Aircraft over the National Capital Region

A knowledgeable source reported that the Cessna aircraft was operating on autopilot and did not respond to authorities despite their repeated attempts to communicate with the aircraft.

The D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management said they were aware of reports from community members throughout the National Capital Region and that there "is no threat at this time."

Virginia plane crash sound today

sonic boom caused panic among many residents of the capital who reported hearing loud noises that shook the ground and walls. They said they heard the noise in distant places such as northern Virginia and Maryland.


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