Biden Causes Confusion with 'God Save the Queen' Finale and White House Clarifies

The President uttered the phrase as he concluded his speech at the National Safer Communities Summit held in Connecticut.


President Joe Biden's use of the phrase "God save the Queen", man' to conclude his speech to gun safety advocates caused bewilderment amongst the audience. According to a "Fox News".

During his speech, President Biden informed the audience of an incoming storm that would prevent him from shaking hands with all attendees. However, he pledged to take photographs with each section of the audience, ensuring that he could still connect with them despite the adverse weather conditions.

President Biden reassured the audience, saying 'I will stand in front of each section – and when you see the camera, know that I can see you too. It's a minor inconvenience for you, I promise,' underscoring his commitment to connect with all attendees despite the inclement weather.

It was at this point that he concluded his speech with the remark about the Queen, who passed away at Balmoral last September at the age of 96 and was succeeded by King Charles III.

Twitter users Reacts to President Biden's 'God Save the Queen' Finale

The President's use of the phrase quickly drew criticism from his detractors, with 'God Save the Queen' trending on Twitter shortly after the speech. At 80 years old, President Biden's choice of words has been subject to intense scrutiny and analysis by both his supporters and critics.

However, some Twitter users were quick to note that this was not the first time President Biden had used the phrase to conclude his speeches.

In an email, the White House press office provided clarification on Mr. Biden's remarks, stating that his use of the phrase was a comment made to someone in the crowd, as he was unable to complete the full ropeline due to the inclement weather. 

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