Renault Symbol 2022 review: Specifications, features and prices

Cars – In the economic car category, it is very difficult to believe that there is a European car that may be available within the budget of most consumers and those looking for a first car, but this is exactly what Renault Symbol offers as a distinctive blend between European, economic and practical at the same time, so today we will learn together about the most important specifications The features and prices of the elegant sedan.

Renault Symbol 2022 review: Specifications, features and prices


The general design of the Renault Symbol 2022 is simple and elegant at the same time, as its front fascia includes a small front grille that connects through a thin chrome line to the headlights with distinctive daytime running lights, which are paralleled by circular lower fog lights with an additional lower ventilation port, along with two dynamic lines. Attractive top hood.

Renault Symbol 2022 review: Specifications, features and prices

From the rear, the small sedan features two semi-square lamps parallel to the lower fog lamps and a simple spoiler integrated into the boot lid.

Cabin and Technologies

Inside the cabin, we will notice a high level of elegant design that reflects external elegance with the same level of simplicity and comfort, as you can find this in the designs of the seats and steering wheel, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a beige interior color. The passengers feel a greater level of luxury than the black color, with a seating area Good front and rear, plus there are 3 rear headrests.

Renault Symbol 2022 review: Specifications, features and prices

On the level of technology, you can get a 7-inch touch screen that supports navigation, in addition to Bluetooth, radio and keyless entry.


On the level of safety, Renault Symbol 2022 provides many of the most important safety-related systems, which include driver and passenger airbags with automatic separation of the passenger cushions to avoid opening them in vain, with support for anti-lock braking systems and warning of not wearing a seat belt, in addition to electronic stability support and the presence of a sensor Quick locks doors automatically at higher speeds, and an option for features like cruise control and a rear camera.


The performance of Renault Symbol 2022 is based on a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter engine with 102 hp and 145 Nm of torque, connected to a 4-speed automatic transmission with an average consumption of 15.63 km/l.


Renault Symbol 2022 prices start at 13.400 United States Dollar, including tax.

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