"Devel Sixteen" The world's fastest car

 With the advent of the new year, the car market may be filled with many different models between a lot of different brands, whether it's Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese and others. And each company is working to attract the largest segment of its users by providing cars with ultra-modern technology and systems. A lot of people have interesting theories.

There is no point in owning a car that travels at a low speed, so they prefer to buy a car with high speeds, which of course costs much more compared to a low-speed car that has a package of innovative systems and technologies.

Devel Sixteen -The fastest car in the world

"Devel Sixteen" The world's fastest car

This car appeared last November during the Dubai International Motor Show. The car is based on two engine options.

The first V-Eight engine generates 2000 horsepower and is equipped with a double turbocharger, the price of which starts from 1.6 million US dollars, equivalent to 6,000,000 Saudi riyals.

The second engine in 16 hours turns ten .The 3-liter is equipped with a counter of 40 turbochargers, which generates a power of 5000 horsepower.

 Also, the maximum speed of the car is 563.27 kilometers per hour.

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