Easily add preview and download buttons to the blogger

Easily add preview and download buttons to the blogger


Every technical blog needs to add download buttons inside the blog, and sometimes, especially when viewing or reviewing a blogger template, we need to have professional preview buttons that show how amazing the blog is and give a good impression to visitors. 

That is why I have brought you this topic on your website, on the condition of a very simple way to add the preview and download buttons to any template on the Blogger platform.

These buttons are very prevalent on the Arab web and many people are looking for them. They are the preview and download buttons that move as soon as you place the mouse or mouse button on them, and the download or preview icon moves to the right. You can see these buttons from the following image preview:

How to install add preview and download buttons in blogger template

Before we start explaining the method, make a backup copy of your template.

To back up the template, go to Appearance and click on the drop-down menu on the Customize side and choose to keep a backup, and click on download only. Even if there is a problem, God forbid, you can restore the previous template by restoring the backup copy that we downloaded previously.

Let us now turn to the explanation of the method. We will divide the explanation into two main parts so that the explanation is simple and understandable by everyone, God willing.

part One:

First, you go to the blogger interface, after that, you go to appearance and click on the drop-down menu next to personalization. Then, click on edit HTML.

On the keyboard, press  Ctrl + F  together until the search box appears. And then you search for the following code (copy the following code and put it in the search box, press Enter on your keyboard):

The second part :

Now we come to the posts or the topic in which we want to put the preview and download codes in the second part of the explanation.

  • Go to create a new post by pressing the plus button.
  • Press the pen button on the right to enter.
  • and click on view HTML.
  • The entire writing page will be converted into HTML codes.

And you look for the place where you want the buttons to appear, either at the bottom of the article, at the bottom of all the codes, and at the bottom of the important download section, you are looking for the right place 

And you put the following code in it: Download the HTML code

  • Make sure to put the code after the hashtag lock mark
  • Click on the pen again and choose to  Create Mode You will notice that the buttons are now appearing.

Click on any button, then a box will appear where you put the download link and the preview link, then click on Publish the post when you have finished the entire article. These buttons are for browsing sites and templates, whether WordPress templates or blogger templates, so that the template preview and the download button are displayed at the same time.

Why should you use the preview and download buttons on Blogger?

If you provide websites or designs on the blog, adding the preview and download buttons feature will help you a lot. Because this adds some professionalism and aesthetics to your blog. It will also increase making the visitor understand quickly and find what he is looking for in the blog, so the article will be popular with the Google search engine. 

Google only cares for the visitor to find what they are looking for in that article. Therefore, your focus on providing good content and facilitating it for the visitor will also help you in the search engine rankings, in addition to some SEO improvements, as well as speeding up the site.

These codes often help blogs that preview templates. It has a preview and download button as well. But one of the buttons can be removed. Like deleting the preview button by modifying the code from the HTML and putting only the upload button or vice versa. These codes have a beautiful and trendy prefix that many bloggers are looking for.

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