Blogger cleanup template 2023, new Blogger interface, direct link

Blogger cleanup template 2023, new Blogger interface, direct link

Blogger cleanup template 2023, new Blogger interface, direct link

Clean blogger template download 2023 is a must for those who own a blogger blog because you will need it when changing templates to get rid of old template remnants.

And also download the XML blogger cleanup template and HTML blogger cleanup template.

And we will learn how to use Blogger Clean 2023 template and the new Blogger blog interface after updating and downloading it with an h direct link.

Importance and Use of Blogger Model Cleanup

Blogger Template Cleanup uses the new Blogger interface to remove traces and remnants of old templates.  Like unused plugins as well as removing irrelevant code if you want to install a new template for the blog.

It is so that there are no codes from previous models on the blog.  If sloppy codes and codes accumulate, it will lead to a slow blog and d lack of response speed.

Because Blogger template cleanup cleans up some template additions that are not removed when the template is edited and has many other features.  It is originally a blogger template that installs like any normal template but has no tools or plugins.

How to Use Blogger Cleanup Template 2023

To use a blogger cleanup template on your blog, go to the blogger site.  Sign in with your Google account to access your blog and navigate to Appearance in the side menu.

Go to Personalization and next to the word Personalization you will see a down arrow, click on it.  Then choose Edit HTML to place the cleanup code.

Remove all code from this page and put in the clean Blogger 2023 template code, then click the Save Theme icon at the top left of the page.

After using the cleanup template, whatever is left of your blog templates will be deleted.

Choose your template by clicking the arrow next to Personalization.  And press restores and install the model smoothly in this way.

Copy the cleanup template code directly as follows:


You can also download XML Template Cleaner Blogger directly from the Mediafire website.

And you can copy the cleanup template code directly like this:

And the way to use template cleanup XML copy is similar to how to load a new template from the arrow next to customization.  Then you click restore and choose the cleanup template.

Important Tips Before Downloading Clean Blogger Template 2023

If you have a problem with the page not saving after adding the Blogger cleanup template code, the solution to this problem is simple and easy.  Which consists of downloading a template from Blogger Templates Blogger that is found in the theme under the word Personalization.

The new Blogger XML template format files or the new Blogger HTML template have the same function of removing the remnants of old templates.  It is used to clean tools, plugins, and commands left on the blog.  One of the effects of the old models above, so that the use of one file happens in the other.

Before going to modify the appearance of your blog, we recommend that you make a backup copy of your blog template before modifying anything.  This is to avoid errors in the blog and to be able to return to the previous appearance before the modification.

Free and paid blogger templates should be downloaded from their main source rather than unofficial websites.  Be free of bugs or unused or harmful code to avoid bugs in your model.

Do not download too many plugins for the template on the blogger platform and this is important so as not to negatively affect the speed of the site.  Therefore, your themes will not be published on search engines and the profit will decrease.

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