Best WordPress hosting test comparison Hosting 2023

Best WordPress hosting test comparison Hosting 2023

Best WordPress hosting test comparison Hosting 2023

Occupying up to 60.8% of the CMS market, WordPress is a content management system that to date powers 38.8% of all sites on the Internet. More than 500 sites are built every day with WordPress

For a site built under WordPress to be effective, it is essential to associate it with a reliable and secure hosting system. With the increasingly wide offer on the market, it is not always easy to make your choice. 

By browsing the comparison of our consumer portal, you will certainly manage to find the best WordPress hosting of 2023 and avoid bad purchases.

WordPress hosting best products list 2023

What is WordPress Hosting?

First of all, it is useful to remember the notion of web hosting which consists of putting a website application on a server, so that it is accessible on the Internet. The service is offered by a web hosting

Who is it for?

Who is web hosting for? The WordPress hosting offer is offered to a wide variety of users today. This is the simplest and most flexible formula that is suitable for beginners, whether they are simply individuals who are starting to create websites in WordPress or freelancers.

For both cases, a shared WordPress hosting system will be more than enough. On the other hand, freelancers looking for more advanced performance specialized WordPress hosting systems will be suitable. Web agencies with a team will prefer a Cloud hosting system according to the comparison.

How does WordPress hosting work?

WordPress uses rather standardized technologies that you will easily find with most hosts.

A WordPress hosting can therefore be considered a basic hosting system but requires a particular configuration. Technically, WordPress requires two specific prerequisites, namely a PHP language and a MySQL database.

The installation is done in a few seconds, depending on the chosen hosting solution. If the customer opts for specialized WordPress hosting, the procedure will be identical to that of other hosting providers. On the other hand, if his choice is for managed WordPress hosting, the host will take care of everything according to the comparisons.

Advantages & areas of application

Contrary to popular belief, WordPress hosting is both simple and powerful. It is quite valid both for large e-commerce sites with different content and for small personal blogs, forum sites, community platforms, or, sharing sites, thanks to the versatility and performance of the WordPress system.

What types of WordPress hosting are there?

Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?  Shared WordPress hosting is the most affordable offer on the market. The level of resources remains acceptable. For this type of service, several users occupy the host's server. Therefore, resources are sometimes limited, and occupants have the same resources.

Shared WordPress hosting is rather recommended for independent sites, those of VSEs and SMEs as well as associative sites and bloggers according to the best comparisons with tests and opinions.

VPS hosting

What are the features of VPS hosting?WordPress VPS hosting is a formula that requires some skills. Indeed, by choosing this offer, the owner of a WordPress site is required to fully configure the server.

On VPS hosting, the physical server has software specially designed to create several virtual servers independent of each other. In other words, according to the best comparison with reviews, an issue that occurs on one of the virtual servers will have no impact on the other servers

Dedicated hosting

Discovery of dedicated hosting with dedicated WordPress hosting, the customer will not have to share their server with other users. He thus holds exclusivity on his server. With such a formula, the user will have the privilege of taking advantage of all the resources of the machine, with more or less powerful configurations according to his needs.

It should be noted that dedicated WordPress hosting is rather recommended for large companies, influential bloggers as well as sites that receive significant traffic.

Specialized WordPress hosting

As its name suggests, specialized WordPress hosting is an offer specially designed for WordPress sites. Hosting is optimized for WordPress. 

Unlike other traditional hosts, specialized WordPress hosts set up a specific infrastructure that allows the site under WordPress to gain in performance and operate in complete security.

Information on the top 7  manufacturers/brands

WP Server is a French host specially created to support WordPress sites. Launched in 2015 by WordPress specialist Fabrice, the company offers managed WordPress packages with servers located in France. 

The WordPress hosting offer includes several options, to mention only the possibility of installing WordPress in one click, the possibility of cloning a site in one click, or the 16 GB NGINX Cache, not to mention the high level of security.

Product Review Examples 

LWS Starter WordPress Hosting

Understanding LWS Starter HostingWith more than 500,000 domains and 180,000 web hostings over the past fifteen years, LWS is one of the leading web hosts in France. The LWS Starter is now considered one of the best offers on the market, with a monthly subscription of 3.49 euros.

Strongly recommended for associations, craftsmen, clubs, SMEs, and SMEs as well as companies, the formula offers 250 GB of disk space and 150 email addresses. With the LWS Starter, the domain name is free. The software is also pre-installed and the servers

o2switch All-Inclusive WordPress Hosting

Useful information about o2switchhosting with increasingly innovative technologies and efficient customer support, o2switch is now one of the best hosts offering a single package for WordPress hosting. The o2switch “All-inclusive” formula provides unlimited options, features, and of course resources.

Each customer will therefore no longer have to choose the cost, the CPU power, the memory, or the number of sites. The hosting offer supports one or more sites, in fully isolated spaces. For a monthly payment of 5 euros, the domain name is offered, and the disk space, the monthly transfer, and the database are unlimited.

The All Inclusive o2switch offer also provides 24/7 technical service, a cPanel® Interface, and technology.

Kinsta Starter WordPress Hosting

Kinsta offers a managed WordPress hosting service for all profiles. With the Starter offer available for a monthly payment of 30 euros, you benefit above all from a WordPress installation, 25,000 monthly visits, and 10 GB SSD storage.

Advantages and disadvantages indicated in customer reviews

  • The prices of the “all-inclusive” offers.
  • Reactive support.
  • Expert friendliness.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • High-performance equipment.
  • Full service.
  • The proposed level of security.
  • 24/7 support availability.
  • Offers adapted to all accommodation needs.
  • Hosting for any type of site.


  • Some disadvantages of hosting prices of some hosts are high.
  • Limited features and options.
  • The availability of French support.
  • The responsiveness of certain technical supports.
  • Failures that occur often.
  • Servers are often far apart.
  • A lack of performance at some hosts.
  • Management of cuts.
  • Some services are billed.
  • Some basic offers are not suitable for

Common Deficiencies and Insufficiencies What Should You Look Out For When Buying WordPress Hosting?

As a content management system, WordPress requires precise hosting, with a certain performance to function properly. As mentioned above, the server you choose must be able to read the PHP language to be able to display the site, as well as the MySQL language for the database.

The server must also support HTTPS to secure the connection to a site, according to the test-winning WordPress hosting. In addition to the classic selection criteria such as performance, support responsiveness, server functionality, and the quality of the administration interface, you should also know that some criteria specific to WordPress hosting are also to be taken into account.

In some cases, it is even possible to automate updates based on the best comparison with tests and opinions. Don't forget the WordPress backup tools either, so you have a complete archive that you can restore when needed.

What Does Science Say About WordPress Hosting?

What Does Science Say About WordPress Hosting? You should know that the choice of a web host is decisive both for the proper functioning of your site designed under WordPress and for its referencing. From several comparisons, it turns out that frequent server downtime is not only considered unreliability but also has an impact on your site's ranking on the results. offered by search engines.

A site that is often down simply disappears from the radars of search engines according to the best comparison with tests and opopinionsAlso be aware that a WordPress site that takes more than 2 seconds to load encourages Internet users to switch to other platforms; which dramatically increases your bounce rate and leads to a downgrade in search engines.

According to Google, Shared Hosting, that is to say, cheap hosting modes, often hides flaws. A quality that is not always there remains contrary to Google's SEO ethics. A site hosted by a shared host is quite likely to end up on the same server as a spammer site according to the 2020 WordPress hosting test.

Coming soon

What's New in WordPress Hosting Eco-responsible hosting is now considered the future of web hosting. Indeed, more and more companies are reviewing their infrastructures to ensure that their offers are more respectful of the environment.

Several brands have thus integrated an energy-saving system into their internal protocol, by promoting heat exchange between the exterior and interior of the buildings where the servers are located to considerably reduce the need in terms of air conditioning.

Low power consumption server components are also planned, as well as the use of renewable energy sources to supply data centers with electricity. Many innovative hosting solutions are also able to reduce CO2 emissions according to the best comparison with tests and opinions

Alternatives to WordPress Hosting

Cloud hosting is considered one of the best alternatives to traditional hosting devices for WordPress sites today. In recent years, the offers have continued to multiply with Amazon, Google, and Azure which have succeeded in investing in the market.

However, you should know that cloud hosting is not always recommended for small or medium-sized WordPress sites.

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