How to remove post date from blogger link

How to remove post date from blogger link

Explanation on removing the link date from a Blogger blog topic.  We know that Blogger links to topics are sticky and start with the post date and then the post name.

This addition helps reduce linking to your articles and also makes a good impression on visitors.

If you want to remove the date from the thread link and only the post name remains, please read this note carefully before removing the date from your blog posts.

Will the removal of the post link date affect the Blogger's blog?

Yes, this addition will affect the SEO of your blog in general, it can lose positions in search engines and leads to a significant drop in visits, although the link to the topics of your blog will be shortened and will make it more attractive and credible for the visitor.

but it is noticeably influential, especially with old blogs (which have a lot of topics) because all new links are re-archived to the Webmaster Tools site to reappear in search engines, so using this extension is At your own risk.

How to delete a date from a topic link in a blogger blog

  1. Sign in to the Blogger blog.
  2. Then go to Model Appearance.
  3. From the three dots, click Edit HTML.
  4. Find the template with Ctrl+F for the <Head> tag.
  5. Paste this code immediately after.

After pasting the code, save the template.

After applying these steps, go to your blog and verify that the links in your articles have been removed.

In case you have any problems with this plugin, you can contact us through the comments so that we can fix the problem.

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